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Moss Rehab's PTSD Program for Veteran's and First Responders

MossRehab is excited to announce the MossRehab Institute for Brain Health (MRIBH)

A center dedicated to evaluating and treating persistent symptoms associated with post-concussive and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for veterans and first responders.


Traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress affect nearly 1 out of every three military personnel deployed to war zones since 2001.  In addition, an estimated 30% of our nation’s first responders also experience depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms.


Though dubbed “invisible wounds,” the psychological health changes accompanying these conditions have various manifestations, such as depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse, impacting not just the Veterans and First Responders themselves but their families as well.


MRIBH is uniquely positioned to utilizeMossRehab’s foundation of strength in clinical care and the innovative research component offered by the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute to expand and utilize the integrated care models pioneered by the Marcus Institute for Brain Health to provide individualized plans of clinical care for service members suffering from traumatic brain injuries.


During an evaluation, individuals interested in receiving care are assessed through tests and interviews for three to five days to determine if their main concern is treatable.  Then, a team of program directors, veteran coordinators, therapists, and nursing and physician staff work to determine a candidate’s eligibility.


During the intervention phase, those accepted into the program are offered personalized treatment as part of a three-week program.  Interventions might be cognitive, physical, emotional, and psychosocial.  In addition, family members attend at the end of the program to learn how to provide support at home.


To learn more aboutMRIBH admissions or referrals, please reach out to:


Kate O’Rourke

Program Director



Carlo Aragoncillo

Veteran Relations Director



For additional information:



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